Cut Charts and Training

Beef cut posters are the most effective tools to learning more about the various cuts of beef, where they come from on the carcass and the recommended cooking method for each cut. 


Beef Cuts Chart for Foodservice

The beef cuts chart for foodservice contains the IMPS/NAMP number for each cut as well as order specifications and the cut tree.

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Beef Cuts For Foodservice

Beef Cuts for Foodservice

Designed to meet the needs of foodservice professionals, this booklet highlights information about the most commonly used beef cuts in foodservice.

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Foodservice Cut Finder

Cut Finder for Foodservice

Use this at-a-glance guide to help identify the best beef cuts to use for the most common foodservice applications.

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Yield Data

Yield documents are meant to provide general guidelines for approximate yields when fabricating newer, more innovative beef cuts from traditional subprimals like those from the Chuck primal. Start here, then do your own yield testing to zero in on exact numbers for your unique situation.

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The Truth About Beef

Raw Truth About Beef

The Texas Beef Council’s Raw Truth About Beef interactive learning platform allows high school students to get a behind-the-scenes look at the beef industry and explore the beef production process from pasture to plate. Using engaging videos, the program follows an executive chef and registered dietitian nutritionist on a hands-on tours through the beef life cycle. To learn how cattle are raised, they visit a purebred ranch, a cow/calf ranch, and tour a feedyard. Stops at a processing facility, a distributor, a retail store, and a restaurant explore how beef becomes a safe, nutrient-dense protein source.

Teachers can walk through the curriculum and gain continuing education hours approved by the American Culinary Federation by clicking HERE.

True Beef: Pasture to Plate

Lesson Plan - This guide contains 8 lessons for the High School Culinary Arts or Family and Consumer Sciences program. However, STEM connections have been included for all lessons making it easy for teachers to make connections across the curriculum.&

Documentary - An innovative educational documentary that follows agricultural science and culinary arts students as they learn about the entire process of beef production. The documentary is designed to teach culinary arts students where their food comes from while learning the importance of farming and ranching from agricultural students.

Inspiring Ideas: Beef Makes Every Menu Better

There’s no shortage of options for getting more beef on your menu, from appetizers to mains to seasonal specialties.

Bao Beef Bun

Asian Beef Trends

Flavors from Korea, Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines are influencing beef dishes across the country. These cuisines can stand on their own or be fused together, evidenced by the French-Vietnamese, Pacific-Rim and Pan-Asian fare trending on menus today.

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Beef Ribeye Cap Po' Boy

Ribeye Cap Menu Inspiration

Removed from the outside of the Ribeye, the Ribeye Cap — aka Spinalis — offers a tender, flavorful cut of beef which can be used in a variety of menu applications. Introduce your diners to a meal they won’t soon forget.

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Tender Steak Tonnato

Shoulder Petite Tender Menu Inspiration

Don’t let this little cut from the Chuck primal fool you — the Shoulder Petite Tender is loaded with flavor and makes a great addition to any menu and is well suited to a variety of applications, from appetizers to entrees.

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Corned Beef Preparation

Corned Beef Menu Inspiration

While most consider Corned Beef synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, this versatile cut of Beef Brisket offers a variety of unique and delicious menu inspirations that can be featured year-round. 

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Seoul Steak and Eggs

Sirloin Bavette Menu Inspiration

This boneless cut comes from the Sirloin primal and is similar to Skirt and Flank Steaks. While commonly used as fajita strips, the Sirloin Bavette provides chefs with a canvas for creative and innovative menu ideas.

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Beef Choices Nutrition

Beef Choices - Decoding the Label

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USDA Understanding Beef Quality Grades

Understanding Beef Quality Grades

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Grain finished vs grass finished beef

Grain-finished vs Grass-Finished

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Sustainability Fact Sheet

Beef Sustainability Facts

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ProStart Beef Webinar Series 2020

Beefing Up Your ProStart Classroom

The objectives of this webinar are to train attendees to:

  • Teach students a basic understanding of the beef industry from pasture to plate
  • Teach students the difference between taste and flavor
  • Teach students about the synergy of umami
  • Teach students a basic understanding of working with Ground Beef and components to building an award-winning beef burger

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Beefing Up Your ProStart Culinary Competition

The objectives of this webinar are to train attendees to:

  • Teach students basic rules of a ProStart Culinary Competition
  • Teach students what Tasting judges look for in a ProStart Culinary Competition
  • Teach students about effective plating techniques
  • Teach students to make beef the star of the plate

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