Program Guidelines

Please complete this form and email receipts/lesson plan PRIOR to June 30 following the school year.

  1. Only beef may be purchased for KBC reimbursement funds and must be used in FCS foods classrooms or ProStart program teaching labs.
  2. Qualifying beef purchases include fresh, frozen or fully cooked beef cuts such as steaks, roast or ground beef. 
  3. To receive reimbursement, receipts for beef purchases must be submitted to KBC. If the receipt only has “meat” listed on the receipt, please write in the cut purchased or include a copy (digital photo) of the label from the package. 
  4. Receipts MUST include the printed date and be legible. Illegible receipts with no date will NOT be accepted.
  5. A lesson plan or syllabus summary also should accompany receipts, showing how these products are being used in the curriculum.