The Kansas Beef Council was first formed in 1973 by the Kansas Livestock Association for the purpose of beef promotion. 

The Kansas Beef Council is directed by a board of volunteer cattle producers from across the state.

In May 1988, a national referendum was passed requiring $1 to be collected on each head of cattle sold. It is commonly called the $1 beef checkoff. Kansas collects about $10 million each year. Approximately 85ยข of each dollar collected in Kansas is forwarded to the national level to fund programs nationwide. There are 45 state beef councils that fund national beef promotion efforts with an approximate annual budget of $80 million. 

Program areas receiving checkoff funding from the Kansas Beef Council to increase demand for beef include:

  • Advertising 
  • Retail 
  • Foodservice 
  • Research 
  • Public Relations 
  • Education 
  • Food Safety 
  • Producer Communications 
  • Nutrition 

The Kansas Beef Council works aggressively in all of the above areas to increase demand for beef and beef products. The checkoff is based on the following directives:

  1. It is fair. All producers and importers pay the same $1 per head. 
  2. It is state based. One-half of the money collected by state beef councils -- 50 cents of every dollar -- is controlled by producers in the state. 
  3. It is accountable. All checkoff-funded programs are budgeted and evaluated by the Beef Board, an independent organization of 110 checkoff-paying volunteers. 
  4. It is producer-led. Beef Board members are nominated by fellow state producers