Popular Breeds of cattle

Cattle come in many different shapes and sizes. While there are various physical differences, they have one thing in common: they all provide high quality, nourishing beef that can be part of a healthy diet. With that said, here’s an introduction to some of the popular breeds raised in Kansas brought to you by the people who know them best, the Kansas kids who take care of them on the daily. 

The jones family


Angus is one of the most recognized cattle breeds, characterized by their black hides. They are popular with farmers and ranchers because they are good mothers and are very good at converting their feed into high-quality meat. Learn from Ty, Hadley and Hayden Jones about what Angus cattle look like and why they like raising them. 

the harris family


Charolais cattle, (pronounced “char-lay”) originated from France and were brought to the U.S. in the mid-1930s. Charolais are generally white or creamy white in color. Charolais cattle can withstand cold temperatures relatively well and they are more heat tolerant than darker hided breeds. Learn from Kinsley and Cole about why they love raising Charolais cattle and what their day-to-day chores look like. 

The Holle Family


Gelbvieh (pronounced "g-el-vay" with a "silent" b) is another European breed that comes from Germany that can be red or black and are usually polled, meaning they don't have horns. They were originally what we call a "dual purpose" breed, meaning they produced milk and meat for human consumption. Primarily a beef breed in the United States, ranchers who raise the breed say they are good mothers and their calves grow quickly. Is ten-year-old Will Holle really riding his Gelbvieh heifer? You betcha! Find out why Will loves raising Gelbvieh and what life is like growing up on a ranch. 

the jones family


The Hereford breed, (pronounced “her-furd”) was developed in England nearly 250 years ago by farmers who needed cattle that were good at converting native grass into lean muscle. They are generally a reddish-brown color with white markings, especially on their face. Chase is 4 and he's been ranching for 4 years, and in his words he's "pretty much a pro right now".  Learn from him and his older brother Colby about raising Hereford cattle and about  life on the ranch. 

the janssen family

red angus

Yep, you read right. There are red Angus cattle! Although they are not raised as widely as black Angus, the beef Red Angus cattle provide offers similar marbling and flavor. These cattle are more heat tolerant than their black-hided relatives and are a docile cattle breed with good mothering traits. The Janssen family "does lots of ranching" and enjoy riding horses. Find out why they love being raised on a ranch and a little bit about the Red Angus breed. 


The Simmental cattle breed is one with multiple color variations – there are both red and black Simmentals. They were introduced to the United States in the late 19th century because of their docility and mothering abilities.