Six Tips to batch cooking beef 

Protein is essential fuel for the active child and student. Ease the back-to-school transition with batch cooking – prep meals and chop veggies on the days when you’re less busy. You can even enlist the help of your school-aged kids to make an assembly line for washing and chopping produce. Prepping several meals at one time makes eating healthier not only possible but quick and easy

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Beef Endurance Team

Discover how active and healthy people are making beef an essential part of a healthy and active lifestyle. 

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Give Protein a Chance

Studies have shown that people who eat a higher protein diet feel more satisfied throughout the day, which may prevent over eating. When it comes to protein and calories, how does beef stack up?

The Power of Protein

Beef tastes great and is an excellent source of 10 essential nutrients. Super food? We think so. 

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which cuts of beef are considered lean?

Our farmers and ranchers have been working hard for decades to raise beef that tastes great. Did you also know that they've been working just as hard at increasing the number and variety of lean cuts available? Check out which cuts are classified as lean.

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Recipes for a balanced plate

Don't sacrifice taste for a healthy and balanced plate. These recipes are proof that taste and nutrition go hand-in-hand. 

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What about grass-fed beef?

Is there a difference between grain-fed and exclusively grass-fed beef? Click and find out. 

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Protein Snack options

Instead of wasting a snack on empty carbs, take a look at these simple suggestions for protein-powered snacks. 

Start your day with these protein-packed ideas

If breakfast is the most important part of the day, then protein is the most important part of breakfast. Check out these simple and tasty ways to fuel your body and mind with protein.